‘Why I’m the best man to serve Osun Central’

Adewale Adebayo, candidate of the Allied Peoples Movement (APM) for Osun Central senatorial district, in this interview with RUKIYAT OGUNWADE, speaks about his political ambition, new Electoral Act and other issues.


What are the chances of the Allied Peoples Movement (APM) in the coming election, considering that bigger parties like APC and PDP that have held sway over the years?

The chances of APM are super high. We have engaged and are still engaging with stakeholders all round the clock to see how we can salvage the ugly situation we find ourselves in Osun Central. We have been in touch with the grassroots and the reception is over whelming. APM is here to stay and win the forth coming elections. In comparison to the bigger parties, they might have the financial muscle and spread which is typical for incumbent parties, I am telling you now that we will match them strength for strength as we have the dexterity, innovative ideas and popularity to win this election.


Given your experience so far, do you think there exists a level-playing field for the parties and their candidates?

The campaigns and reception has been extraordinaire. We have moved the length and breadth of Osun Central and I can confidently say it has been phenomenal. Having the Electoral Act has been advantageous as the amount of levelling it has done is unquantifiable. The only uphill task that can arise from this task is the ability to mobilise funding to execute the election. The buoyancy of each party differs with the larger parties having some sort of ease. My party is up to the task though and we are winning the election.


 What can you say are the dominant factors in our elections and politics since 1999, and to what extent should Nigerians expect a paradigm shift from February 25 and why?

From 1999 till date, various factors have come to play but interestingly we have seen tremendous improvement. We have had issues with voters’ responsiveness to electoral matters, crude electoral malpractice, lack of a foolproof legal framework to execute a proper election, funding, fraudulent interference particularly from internal forces and so on. Come February 25 2023, and we will definitely see that we have really come a long way. The issues of ballot snatching has been brought to a permanent rest, rascality of political parties, candidates and even INEC’s subtle interferences have also been brought to rest.


  What ought to be the major preoccupation of the majority of the electorate at this year’s elections, and why?

My expectations is for  the majority of the electorate to  first get their Permanent Voter Cards (PVC) in preparation for the election and as well be preoccupied with coming out massively to vote their credible candidates with proven track records at this point because  It is one thing to be conscious of the electoral process  though there have been huge improvement compare to the previous elections while I am also using this medium to appeal to electorates to come out massively this time to break the chains of voter apathy. The new Electoral Act is a very welcome development, which first of all, has brought sanity to the process of selection of candidates, curb rascality of candidates by giving power to the party, addressed the issue of short changing a duly selected candidate by the party, empowered the electoral umpire (INEC) to lead us into the forthcoming elections. It can only get better.  With my in-depth knowledge of election and party management, we have to understand firstly that we run a democracy which is super expensive. The party system here is similar to every other place practicsng democracy where the financially buoyant are top wrestlers and the little parties scramble for survival either by getting an elective position no matter how little or by aligning with the bigger parties. The little difference here is the ‘so-called’ little parties even then to spring big surprises mostly due to the popularity and acceptability of the candidate fielded just like what will seemingly happen in the coming Osun Central senatorial elections. Finally, parties here have documented ideologies but struggle to implement them; this is a fundamental issue that needs to be looked into. It is a scenario of do as an I say not as I do.


What’s your level of confidence and trust in the INEC, law enforcement agencies in the elections and why?

I have no doubt in INEC to deliver a free and fair election. In recent times since the advent of the new electoral act 2022, they have delivered two elections. We expect they keep to their words as they have also tell us how prepared they are for the election.


What is your view about Third Force in Nigerian politics and how prepared is your party for the general election?

There has always been a third or even fourth force after-all it isn’t just two political parties going in for the elections. The frenzy behind the 3rd force is a formulated idea by some people to shift the attention of the electorates from the two foremost political parties. APM is fully prepared. We have our presence everywhere in the country and we are working to ensure that we record victory everywhere. A lot of parties have been deregistered yet we maintained the stage and we are still moving we have a very good prospect in future.


Is the APM ready to go into coalition with other parties to make a formidable force?

What if I tell you that we are in alliance with over nine political parties? In due cause I will inform you of the details.


What informed your decision to contest for the senatorial seat?

Simply, the urge is to impact positively on the people of my senatorial district and Osun State at large through effective representation at the National Assembly. I want to get the people fully represented at the National Assembly to ensure participating development.


What edge do you think you have over other aspirants for the Osun central senatorial district, or are you just there to make up the numbers?

The list is endless. I am youthful, experienced, innovative and in touch with the daily yearnings of the people. I have a simple, well thought out manifesto which has been adjudged by many to be the best they have seen around amongst co-contenders. I am the best man to serve Osun Central.


How would you access governance in the state in the past four years?

Governance in Osun State over four years has been to the best of my opinion excellent although not devoid of many setbacks prominently funding. Salaries were been paid, internal roads were being constructed also and most especially the public health sector was properly managed which just only recently got an applause from the federal government. Those before dreamt big, those of us now can only act on those dreams and put Osun on the world roadmap.



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