Who is Camila Morrone, Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex who might end up in jail with penalties? DETAILS inside

In the upcoming month, Leonardo DiCaprio’ ex-girlfriend might be looking at jail time after being sued by photographer Ulice Ramales in court. Read more about the same here.

About Camila Morrone Lawsuit

Camila Morrone’s recent lawsuit was filed by a photographer named Ulices Ramales in California court. According to the lawsuit, Ramales has been making his earnings by selling photographs that he clicked. Morrone used Ramales photographs without asking for his permission or paying him any compensation. The model actor has uploaded these photographs to her social media accounts.

Ulices Ramales further added that his photographs were already registered at the copyright office and Morrone benefited from his work without paying any compensation. This is why Ramales has sued Camila Morrone for unspecified damages.

Camila Morrone is yet to make any statement about her recent lawsuit, however, it might be a difficult time for the model as the lawsuit unfolds. She might also be looking at the possibility of jail time and money to be paid for damages.

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Camila Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio relationship

Morrone and DiCaprio made their relationship official in 2018 to the public. The pair did not talk much about their relationship in public but were sometimes seen running errands together. The model actor also defended their relationship in an interview saying that people should be allowed to date whoever they want and they should not require others’ approval.

However, in August 2022 the couple decided to part ways with mutual understanding. The pair dated each other for about four years before splitting up. This is also known as one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s longest-lasting relationships.

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