Vital things to take note of before moving to a new country

The various challenges bedevilling the nation, Nigeria, have made some of its citizens consider the option of relocating to other countries in the world as a means of seeking greener pastures.   

While the idea of moving to other countries may have a great effect on the nation in the long run; I wouldn’t disagree with those who see this as the best option for them.  

Travelling overseas comes with its own challenges and rewards. If this is your first time travelling overseas, there are a lot of things you need to know about your country of destination ahead in order to have a seamless journey and stay in your new destination.   

There are cultural, social and etiquette differences that you really need to know when moving to a new country and discussed in this article are vital things to take note of when moving to a new country.   

1. Current happenings in the country   

Before moving to a new country, you need to know the current happenings in that nation.   

Is the country in the middle of a civil war? Are there parts of the country that are involved in disputes? Is the leader of the country well-regarded?  

Not only that, but how does the general population feel about tourists and foreigners?   

You wouldn’t want to move to a country like Ukraine that’s currently facing a crisis or would you?   

2. Food available and acceptable eating etiquette   

Eating meals is a universal daily habit, so it’s no surprise that customs have evolved around food.   

We’ve all grown up eating a certain way based on our society and culture, so it is expedient you know the kind of food available and the acceptable eating etiquette in the country you’re moving to.   

This is because, in some cultures, women always eat separately from men. In others, the eldest must be the first to sit down at the table.   

In some situations, it’s rude not to finish everything on your plate, while other places have a system of giving leftovers to pigs or dogs.  

Each culture has unwritten rules for what’s appropriate at the table. Some of these habits are easy to observe and follow, but it’s always wise to research food norms just in case some of the rules aren’t obvious.  

3. Key phrases in the local language  

To make settling in your new country seamless, you should endeavour to learn key phrases in the local language. This is to enable you to communicate with the locals and it comes in handy in case of emergency.  

Also, using the common language can create a more genuine travel experience, and allow you to meet more people.  

Good phrases to learn include:  

  • I am from __________  
  • How can  I find the train/metro / bus?  
  • Where is the bathroom?  
  • Can you show me on a map?  
  • Where is _________?  
  • I’m lost.  
  • Do you speak English?  
  • Can you speak slower?  

 4. Weather conditions   

There are different weather conditions that characterise each nation of the world so it is important you know the weather conditions of the country you’re moving to ahead of time so you can prepare yourself.  

Also, different nations of the world are faced with different natural disasters. For instance, some European countries experience hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, mudslides and so on.   

It is therefore important that you make the necessary findings on the natural disaster that affects the nation, the time it occurs in the year and safety precautions.   

5. Acceptable clothing and dressing   

As a foreigner, it is important you know that wearing the appropriate dress in a different culture is incredibly important for showing respect.   

Knowing the acceptable clothing and dressing mode as a foreigner in a country is vital as your clothing can communicate unintended meanings in other cultures.   

For instance, in many parts of Asia, bare shoulders or knees (tank tops, shorts, short skirts) are strictly forbidden in temples.  

Not covering up in sacred sites is seen as offensive and disrespectful but beyond that, many countries have a more conservative standard of dress in general.   

As a tourist or foreigner trying to settle down in a new country, you need to have knowledge of the acceptable mode of dressing in your new destination.   

6. Know the exchange rate   

Another important thing you should know before moving or visiting a country is the exchange rate.   

Know the current exchange rate and a little about the local currency before you arrive, particularly if you plan to exchange money rather than use the local ATMs.   

Know how to spot fake banknotes and know about any devalued currency denominations, so, your ignorance will not be played on.  

Also, when exchanging money, count what you receive before leaving the counter, and keep your receipt.   

7. Laws and punishments   

The need to know the law and punishment in a country cannot be overemphasized for foreigners.   

Some countries will never pardon you once you default their laws regardless of the fact that you have no knowledge of such laws.   

For instance, some Muslim countries have strict alcohol consumption rules.   

Do you even know that being caught partying with illegal drugs in Singapore is grounds for the death penalty?  

So, you see that it is important you know the specific laws binding on your host country so you don’t default on them ignorantly.   

Moving into a new country for the right reasons is a good decision. Just ensure you dot your I(s) and cross your Ts before making that move.   

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