Vikings receiver K.J. Osborn saves a man’s life, pulling him from a burning car

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Vikings receiver K.J. Osborne is a grossly underrated football player. He’s also a grossly underrated human.

People are getting a glimpse of the kind of man Osborn is. On Sunday night, he helped pull a man to safety from a burning car.

“Most of the time the saying goes ‘wrong place wrong time,’” Osborn tweeted. “But this time I believe God had me, us, at the right place at the exact right time.

“Last night myself and these 3 absolute heroes helped save a man’s life by rescuing him from a vehicle up in flames after a bad crash. A situation I’d never imagine being a part of in a million years.

“I’ll leave you with this. God is real. And His LOVE is real. He will send his angels to be camped around you and provide you with his grace and mercy.”

Osborn also told his story on the latest episode of the Adam Schefter Podcast.

Kudos to Osborn. It’s easy to do the right thing when it entails no physical risk. It’s a lot harder when you put yourself at risk.

Really, what Osborn did is no different than what Chiefs running back Joe Delaney did in 1983. Both put their lives on the line in an effort to save someone else’s.

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