University of Lethbridge celebrates International Education Week

Library Operations Specialist, Nanda Stannard explained, “The essence of our Living Library event is, instead of borrowing a book you can talk to a person to learn about different countries and different cultures.”

“When we are exposed to different cultures and languages, our perspective on things broadens and helps us in understanding the world around us,” she added.

Last year the event took place online, but with no restrictions in 2022, students from eight different countries were able to set up booths in front of the University Library.

More than 30 students volunteered to take part in the event, eager to share the culture and traditions from their home countries of Brazil, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Ukraine and Vietnam.

Booths included student-made posters, crafts, pictures, traditional clothing, food and an opportunity to connect with individuals with diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Stannard estimates there are approximately 860 international students from more than 70 countries at the U of L campus this year, and those numbers continue to climb.

“Our international enrollment has gone up a bit from last semester, so that’s very exciting for us,” said Stannard.

With the event now in its eighth year, the university promises to continue to promote diversity along with prioritizing increasing international student enrollment.

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