Sony Uncovers Two New Image Sensors at Electronica 2022 in Munich, Germany

The world’s largest image sensor market share, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group, has uncovered two new image sensors, industrial and automotive image sensors, at the just concluded electronica 2022.

The 2022 Europe Electronica exhibition was held in Munich, Germany, from November 15th to 18th, 2022, to demonstrate magnetic components solutions. Now, let’s take a tour of the new Sony image sensor.

Sony Industrial Image Sensor

Sony industrial image sensor comes with a display inspection using a global shutter type high-resolution large image sensor, penetration of plastic containers and discrimination between water and oil using SWIR image sensors, and shape Grasping and Scratches Recognition of Objects Using Polarization Image Sensors.

Sony 2 New Sensor Demonstration | Image credit: Sony/YouTube

At the same time, it also featured 3D spatial sensing using a ToF range image sensor, UV image sensor, barcode recognition at the logistics site using the tracking ROI (Region of Interest) function of the global shutter type image sensor, and monitoring of fast-moving granular objects with an event-based vision sensor (EVS).

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Speaking on the benefits of the high resolution of the industrial image sensor, Tom Jellicoe, the Product Manager and Industrial sensor team at Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group, said the mini-rage display comes in two different sensors of IMX661 (127M pixels), which is of high quality and accurate capturing and the IMX250 (5M pixels) of lower quality.

Tom Jellicoe, however, pointed out that in addition to the rolling out of the sensors, the firm has arranged products that can pasture additional line information to open up new possibilities for automation and inspections. Three new products are the Time of flight image sensor, SWIR, image sensor, Polarisation, and image sensor.

Sony Automotive Image Sensor

On the other hand, the automotive image sensor featured a safety Cocoon concept, 8M pixel CMOS image sensor for front and surround sensing cameras, 3M pixel CMOS image sensor for surround camera, SPAD ToF distance sensor for LiDAR and iToF distance sensor for in-cabin monitoring.

Demonstrating the in-cabin monitoring and exterior sensing, Sebastian Van Deun, Sony depth-sensing Solutions, said the vehicle feature face unlocking. Wherein the vehicle recognized the owner’s face and adjusted parameters to the owner’s preference.

However, he further stated that the automotive image sensor also has different functionality for comfort and safety features. For the comfort feature, users can turn on the music using gestures and increase and decrease the volume or change tracks through the same gesture.

Whereas, for the safety feature, the functionality can be activated first after putting on the seatbelt. Here, it ensures drivers pay reasonable attention while driving as it will quickly detect and respond to uncharted attitudes in the process of driving, like non-focus, making calls, drinking, removing hands from steel, etc.

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