Simple ways to eliminate dust

By Yejide Gbenga-Ogundare


Every woman has a kind of routine to combat household chores especially  kitchen and bath routine. There is hardly an adult female that doesn’t have a workable plan that is effective and smart depending on individual lifestyle and preferences. Indeed, many women have mastered their routine, including the art of curbing clutter but few have a workable system for managing dust.

The major issue many homes have is keeping dust at bay and no matter how clean an individual is, there is always a layer of dust settling on surfaces and defying efforts. And as much as it seems natural, dust can be controlled because even though it is a byproduct of life, household dust comes from dirt, pollen and other outdoor particles. So, it can be prevented If there is a workable system.


Steps to keep dust at bay:

Keep dust outside: As dust mostly comes from outdoors, the best prevention is to keep it outside using systems like a no-shoes-inside style and  keeping windows and doors closed as much as possible. Ensure you have a functional doormat at the main entrance to clean shoes.

Pack up paper and fabrics: Papers and loose fibres from fabric aid infiltration of dust;  store unused clothing or linens away in a storage box, recycle magazines, newspapers and cardboard boxes or keep them outside.

Change your sheets often: The fabric fibres of sheets and the skin particles from the body make our bed a dust-generating machine. Keep sheets and bedding as clean as possible by washing sheets weekly, and cleaning your pillows, comforter and mattress pads once a month, or at least every other month.

Get an air purifier to collect and trap dust and place it near the door or window for optimal dust-dodging action.

Line tall surfaces with newspaper because they are usually difficult to clean, the newspaper collects the dust and has to be replaced frequently.

Don’t litter the house with what you don’t use or need regularly. Keep them boxed.

Dust your blinds with a sock and run a lint roller over lampshades and curtains.



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