Seven aggrieved members have appeared before peace committee — Chairman

No fewer than seven persons with various grievances in the Labour Party have appeared before the Labour Party Security, Peace & Conflict Resolution Committee (LP-SPCRC) to address their concerns, Acting Chairman of the (LP-SPCRC), AIG Charles Ugomuoh (Rtd) said.

The acting Chairman at a press briefing in Abuja said the committee had already reached out to aggrieved persons, post-February 25 presidential election, to see how the issues could be settled amicably for the party to forge ahead in a rancor-free situation.

He said the committee can still carry out its duty, despite the cases in court as this would be done without prejudice to the matter before the courts in search of the ultimate goal of securing peaceful resolutions to the issues for the members and the party at large.

According to Ugomuoh, who was flanked by members of his committee at the briefing.

“Our letters are ready for them and we are trying to out a venue accessible to all the members, both aggrieved and those that have observations to make.

“A lot of them have already been called on the phone. We are going to send them letters as an official invitation to them to respond to this committee.

“Let me also say that 7 aggrieved members have appeared before the committee

“The Committee is therefore, formally calling on all the aggrieved members of the party to appear before it and ventilate their grievances in line with the party’s internal mechanism of conflicts resolution.

“This is without prejudice to the ongoing cases in the court, we appeal to all aggrieved members of our esteemed party (LP) to appear before this committee for an equitable settlement.

“Most of the aggrieved members made their submissions before this committee and their submissions are relevant to this committee.

“Most of their submissions, are still intact. We have to go into general elections and now that the elections are over, other aggrieved members are appearing.

“We are now calling in all of them and would as well send them invitations to now appear before us and state any developed grievances and fir resolutions to ll their matters

He said the committee work was not late in coming as matters of peace can never be seen to be late so long as the ultimate goal of a resolution could be achieved.

“No time is late. We are trying to restore calm and peace as well as the oneness of the Labour Party being the fastest-growing party in Africa, we want to leverage it and ask them to join us in building the party.

“We assure all members of the party that we are going to give everybody equitable settlement.

“It would be a round table discussion with the Party leadership. Whatever the grievances we are asking all to sheath their sword.

“On the vested interest, we ask our members to avoid those vested interests, this party is growing, if we disintegrate this party, we are going to lose.

“This is not the Labour Party of yesterday, it has grown beyond the shores and it is not serving any personal interest of anybody, but the collective interest of Nigerians.

“Whatever their grievances, we want to tell them to calm down. There is nothing that you cannot resolve,

“Without prejudice to some of them having their cases in Court, we now giving an open invitation to all of them to ventilate their grievances through this committee.

“This committee will give them fair hearing and their grievances would be adequately settled.”



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