Qualcomm launches Snapdragon 782G as a replacement for the mid-range Snapdragon 778G+

Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 SoC, earlier this year, as a successor to last year’s Snapdragon 778G Plus mobile platform. Now, the chipset maker has refreshed the Snapdragon 778G+ with the introduction of the new Snapdragon 782G chip. The new mobile platform packs a few minor upgrades but, otherwise, is very identical to the old one. Let’s see how capable the new Snapdragon chipset is.
Similar to the Snapdragon 778G+, the Snapdragon 782G is a 6nm chipset featuring an 8-core Kryo 670 processor and an Adreno 642L GPU. The CPU’s core configuration is identical to that of the 778G+: one Kryo 670 prime core (Cortex-A78), which runs up to 200MHz faster at 2.7GHz; three Kryo 670 Gold cores (also Cortex-A78), which are clocked at 2.2GHz; and four Kryo 670 Silver cores (Cortex-A55), which run at 1.9GHz.

According to Qualcomm, the CPU is now 5% faster and the GPU is 10% faster than the Snapdragon 778G+ due to the increased clock speed.

Much like its predecessor, the Snapdragon 782G supports resolutions of up to 200MP. Qualcomm claims image details taken at 200MP have been improved. Additionally, it features the same Qualcomm Spectra ISP with triple 14-bit ISP compatibility, Quick Charge 4+ (up to 50% in 15 minutes), and Fused AI Accelerator architecture.
In terms of connectivity, Qualcomm’s FastConnect 6700 offers support for Wi-Fi 6 up to 2.9 Gbps, with ample capacity over the 6GHz band alongside integrated Bluetooth v5.2. The modem supports the same Snapdragon X53 with both mmWave and Sub-6GHz frequencies.
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