Prosecutor makes formal request to drop aggravated menacing charge against Joe Mixon

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The case isn’t over yet, but the process has taken the next step.

Via 700 WLW in Cincinnati, the city prosecutor’s office has made a formal request to drop the misdemeanor aggravated menacing charge against Bengals running back Joe Mixon.

On Thursday night, Mixon’s agent said that the charge will be dismissed.

Per the report, Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Curt Kissinger said that the case will be dismissed only after he is sure that the alleged victim has been notified.

The reason for the dismissal isn’t known. WLW speculates that a settlement may have been reached. It’s also possible that the alleged victim recanted her allegation, or that the prosecutor realized that it would be impossible to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, if Mixon denied the allegation and there was no corroborating evidence to resolve the dispute.

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