Practical ways to improve your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep at night – Part II

In our last article, I discussed methods for improving sleep through actions that ensures the health of the body and brain.

This is plausible because sleep only occurs when the body and the brain are in good condition for the optimal function of the brain’s sleep clock, which regulates sleep.

An environment that promotes comfort and sleep would be necessary to prevent sleep interruptions and support the complementary functions of the body and brain. I emphasized that it’s important to intentionally seek out better sleep because it improves our mood and ensures that our body andbrain are functioning properly.


I also highlighted the following practical ways to get more sleep – adopting a consistent sleep schedule by going to bed and getting up at the same time every day; paying attention to what we eat and drink by consistently drinking adequate water daily, frequently eating at least two/three times daily just enough quantity of healthy meals of low-carbohydrates, less sugar, high-fibre, low fats and high protein, minerals and vitamins; avoiding excess alcohol especially two hours before bedtime when it gives arousal effect during sleep from a by-product of alcohol in the body, stimulants like caffeine and smoking; taking regular SAFE exercise in the daytime; freeing the mind through stress reduction and managing worries; and lastly promptly treating illnesses which can disturb sleep and avoidance of sleep medication abuse.


Now, here are steps to get our sleep environment and mode restful and sleep-inducing.


First, there are the acts proven to be relaxing thereby inducing sleep modes such as listening to soothing soft music, reading a favourite book, taking a warm bath, repetitive recitation of familiar statements or counting numbers, gentle yoga, deep breathing exercises or quiet meditation.


Secondly, if we eliminate noise, reduce or turn off bright lights, and maintain a cool, comfortable temperature, we may make our sleeping environment tranquil and restful.

Lastly, if the sleeping surfaces are quality mattresses and pillows that are conducive for supportive posture, they will not only be appealing at sight but also trapping once the body lies on it, easily taking the body to where it knows not – the world of sleep. The conducive sleeping surfaces will support different good sleeping positions, prevent and relieve body pains. Such mattresses and pillows have the right firmness for excellent body support. Because your body weight and mattress pressure will also be spread out evenly, pressures and heat from the surfaces are relieved and dissipated with good blood circulation and comfort assured.

The surface says, “I have breathable responsive memory and I am durable! Specifically, a pillow has different sizes, thicknesses and firmness. It should be placed under the head & neck only, and not under the shoulders. It fills the natural hollow under the neck, between the head and shoulders. While lying on the side the lower hand should not be on the pillow; it can be under, in front of or away from the pillow. All of these arrangements ensure that the neck is in a neutral position, the head, neck and backbone maintain natural curves and are in alignment. This prevents and relieves neck pain. All jointly justify the investment in such quality products.


So, what is stopping us from deliberately investing in quality products, while adopting practical habits to get better sleep?

Let us remember that when you sleep, where you sleep and how you sleep affect your mental health, physical well-being and living a healthy life. We all need quality sleep to be set for productivity in our endeavours.

Do you need further information on the above subject? Are you looking for ways to maintain quality sleep for general well-being and healthy living? Remember, a doctor is an appropriate person to offer relevant advice for the maintenance of quality sleep and solution to sleep difficulties. Do you want to contact the Orthopaedic Sleep Consultant, Dr Charles Uzodimma, kindly send your request OR Whatsapp 08129982143.

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