Patrick and Ireti Doyle: ‘Success in marriage not function of luxury, but of boundaries, privacy’

Following the alarming rate of divorce in Nigeria, especial among celebrities, and how their news awash social media spaces, Nigerian South African-based businessman and opinion leader, Dr Charles Awuzie, has expressed his view on how a marriage can be managed and sustained.

Awuzie, who is the co-founder/CEO of Transhuman Coin, noted that success in marriage is not a function of the luxury couples live in, but of the boundaries and privacy they set.

He made this known through a post on his verified Facebook page while reacting to the divorce of popular Nollywood couple, Patrick and Ireti Doyle, that is currently doing the rounds in the news and social media.

In the post, titled ‘Eden had no privacy: Inspiration drawn from the biblical story of Adam and Eve’, he noted that Adam failed to build boundaries, to secure the privacy of his home, which gave the figurative serpent the advantage to penetrate his wife.

On the divorce of the Nollywood couple, Awuzie writes, “Ireti Doyle and her husband had wealth, a beautiful home, etc., yet Ireti confessed that her marriage was simply a perfect picture but an ugly reality.”

In the light of this, he stressed that wealth, a beautiful home and a good job do not secure a marriage. He further noted that, “these days, at the bottom of every destroyed marriage are social media feminists and YouTube misogynists.

“This is the mistake some people make − you are failing to build a fence around your family to keep dangerous ‘animals’ away,” he writes. “Prayer or crying cannot secure what you expose. Do not be kind with people who ask insensitive and disrespectful questions about your partner.”

Awuzie advised married couples not to share their marital bliss or chaos on the social media. He added that whether a spouse is happy or not in their marriage, they should keep it away from the public.

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