Our leaders and their allowances

BY now, it must be clearly understood that our leaders are self-centered in all ramifications. Apparently, millions of Nigerians citizens are undergoing hardship, including abject poverty. But our leaders don’t seem to care that much.

The truth of the matter is that the people who are going through hardship in the country know themselves – they suffer daily. In this regard, the exit of President Muhammad Buhari and Vice President YemiOsinbajo from office should not create further hardship that we cannot cope with in the country.

These are the same leaders who have been enjoying free medical treatment abroad; free housing accommodation, free mobility and so on.

The majority of Nigerian workers, on the other hand, lackthe basic physiological needs of life that Abram Maslow clearly articulated in his theory.  For the masses to live a better life in the country, our leaders are expected to have altruistic mentality.  I, therefore, appeal to the outgoing leaders and the incoming leaders to implement policies that could mitigate hardship in the country.


  • Rev. M.O Oladimeji, Ibadan.




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