Osinbajo exists to inspire, says Laolu Akande as VP turns 66

The Nigerian Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo has been described as an inspiration to many and the nation at large.

“The place of inspiration and imagination in the pursuit of personal or national fulfillment is not only pivotal but also irreplaceable and this is why people who can inspire must remain in front.”

This view was expressed by the Vice President’s Spokesperson, Mr. Laolu Akande in a 66th birthday message to his principal.

“What I have come to know about the VP is that he is an inspirer, and watching him do things is in itself an inspiration. People like that exists to inspire individuals, groups and nations to attain goals and objectives that advance their causes and lead irrevocably to greatness.

“He provokes something in people such that conduces towards excellence, endurance and emphaty, attributes that he himself exemplify.

“Excellence; so that people can reach into themselves to discover hidden capacities.
Endurance which enables people to sustain the pursuit of vision by imbuing patience and humility that creates perseverance. And finally Empathy that reinforces a common bond of humanity by which individuals become an example of selflessness, rendering service and value on private and public levels, Akande says.

He continued “let me give just a few illustrations.

“It is the empathy that took him to Maiduguri in the early months of this administration where he led a charitable effort that produced the Learning Centre where orphans coming out of the insurgency have in the last 6 years now been receiving some of the best types of education available anywhere in the world.

“It is the endurance that kept him in place when all kinds of malevolent forces were bent on diminishing the effective delivery of public goods directly to the people of this nation in an unprecedented scale such as the Social Investment Programme of the Buhari Administration when some entrusted with leadership responsibilities wanted to privatise the process by sharing slots among the elites in a scheme meant to secure some social safety nets in a country fiercely battling poverty.

Finally, it is the excellence for instance that makes him interrogate his aides and people pushing laudable ideas in and out of government by demanding for scaling up the numbers. Afterall he would wonder “what’s the use of a government programme that reaches only a few thousands in a population of over 200m?

“For him, Excellence says think, not just out of the box, but think big. Do the hard part, apply yourself, be relentless, work tirelessly at goals. I can disclose that in the past 8 years the average close time in the Vice President’s office is 8 or 9pm. Several times we have been at work past 12 midnight. Excellence spares no effort afterall.

“So today as the Vice President turns 66, I wish him a happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. My dear boss, and Nigeria’s number 2 citizen, we pray that as your days so shall your strength, wisdom and favour be with God and man!”

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