Opposition has nothing to offer but bundles of lies – Bauchi Gov tells electorates

From: Ishola Michael, Bauchi

Bauchi State Governor, Sen Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir has said the opposition in the state does not have positive things to show people to win but rather telling lies in order to distract the public’s attention.

The Governor however stressed that residents of Bauchi State have witnesses and can bear testimonies of the activities his administration has carried out in terms of development across State.

Bala was speaking during a meeting to seek support for his re-election for the second term which took place at Bauchi Club, Bauchi, organized by the United Fulani Organizations of Bauchi State under the umbrella of ‘Migration Actualization 2023’ led by Alh. Sadiq Ibrahim Ahmad.

The Governor urged the people of the state to ignore what the opposition is doing to divert their attention in the upcoming governorship election.

He said that, “how can he, who distributed thousands of motorcycles, tricycles and even cars to the community, for the beneficiaries to have something to rely on as sources of livelihood, destroy such a thing? But the opposition are going round to tell lies that I would stop Achaba operation in the state.”

He stressed that, “this issue is not true” pointing out that and even during the campaign he did in the local governments, he met with Achaba operators and promised them to distribute thousands more of motorcycles, tricycles and cars.

He said, “Now is the time for elections and we are relying on God and the votes of the community because of the good works we have done for them and fulfilling most of the promises we have taken, but those who have nothing to say or show have entered the cities with lies and deceit.”

According to him,”They are talking about evil and condoning heresies, even though I am not surprised because of the kind of education they have here, which has proven to the people of Bauchi state that they are liars.”

He also said that his government has good provisions for herdsmen to ensure that there is peace between farmers and herdsmen in terms of security,saying that the people are witnesses to how Bauchi state has become a reference point of peace in the Nigerian federation.

With regards to the issue of drinking water for animals, he said that, now under a proposal of cooperation with the World Bank, 120 earth dams will be built in parts of Bauchi state and in the near future it will start so that the state will become the abode of rest and peace for Fulani herdsmen and their cattle.

The Governor thanked the Fulani community for organizing the meeting to ensure their support for him and prayers for success in the upcoming governorship election this week, saying that he will never forget the support and love for the community.

He said that, Bauchi state people have continue to be for him since he became a Senator, then a Minister even until God brought him to the present position of Governor.

Earlier in his speech, the leader of the group, Alh. Sadiq Ibrahim Ahmad said that the Fulani people of Bauchi state do not have anything to repay Bala Abdulkadir with, for the love he has demonstrated since he was elected.

He then assured that they would fulfill the Promise that they had taken by voting for him massively on Saturday to enable him win his reelection.

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