On substance abuse among youths

Nigerians celebrate and express their culture during the New Year with a variety of events like parties, concerts, and get-togethers. However, these activities frequently glorify drugs and alcohol, which can have negative effects on people’s attitudes and behaviours, especially young people who might be influenced by what they witness.

Research has found a strong correlation between exposure to such content and the likelihood of engaging in risky behaviours, with teens who spend more time on social media and entertainment websites being twice as likely to abuse drugs. The need for the entertainment sector to cooperate with agencies like the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in the struggle against drug abuse in Nigeria is made clear by this. More than ever, it is crucial for comedians, musicians, filmmakers, and skit creators to create content that promotes positive values and behaviours rather than glorifies drug use.

The general public can assist in this by being aware of the messages contained in entertainment and realizing that what appears to be “cool” on television or in music may not always be advantageous or acceptable in real life. We can work toward a society that values healthy behaviours and encourages the well-being of all its members by being proactive about reducing the glamourization of substance abuse in the entertainment industry.

It is crucial that we seize this chance to promote the creation and consumption of educational content that will benefit the general public and advance our society as a whole.

  • Sini Joseph, sini7501@gmail.com



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