Ola Muyiwa’s Footy Homes takes off in style

By Segun Adebayo

It has been established that when a man is diligent in his work, he will stand and ride with kings and the influential. This may explain why Footy Homes and Properties boss, Ola Muyiwa appears to be ticking all the boxes in the real estate industry, especially in Ibadan where he currently operates from.

Information gathered during the week revealed that Footy boss has concluded plans to launch his new interest in style in the city of Ibadan in the coming days as he is said to have acquired hectares of lands in some strategic places across the city and has received the nod of some influential people.

The ex footballer who has been in the business industry for more than a decade has set his gaze on the bigger picture and is said to be talking to top media influencers within and outside the city to have a smooth kick off anytime from now.

For him, the Footy Homes project is one that would provide affordable homes to the people of Ibadan and other sates in a manner that will not put a strain on their finances. With its newly acquired landed properties at Olodo and Moniya, Ola Footy as he’s fondly called has been attracting congratulatory messages from his teeming friends all over.



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