NASSCOM launches 6 courses to train teachers on emerging technologies

Sector Skills Council (SSC) NASSCOM today announced a collaboration with Red Hat, an open source solutions provider, to offer the first set of six training courses aligned to the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF). Accepted by NCVET (National Council for Vocational Education and Training), these courses will be available on SSC NASSCOM platforms. 

The courses include Red Hat Linux System Administration I, Red Hat Linux System Administration II, Red Hat OpenShift Development I, Red Hat OpenStack Administration I, Red Hat Linux Automation with Ansible and Red Hat Application Development I.

The initiative revolves around bringing existing, highly popular courses and skills offered by the industry into recognition by NCVET using the NSQF (National Skills Qualification Framework). With the acceptance of these Red Hat Training courses by NCVET, the Red Hat courses and programmes become nationally recognised in India with the possibility for them to be recognised by universities and colleges for academic credit.

As part of the initiative, Global Technology Providers were tasked by the Government of India to identify courses, assessments, and certifications on key emerging technologies. SSC NASSCOM acted as the catalyst that brought together various policymakers, government bodies, and the industry for this mass-scale skilling initiative on emerging technologies. 




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