‘My parents are excited when I say the truth’

Semiloore Ogundare, 7 yrs old

My parents show excitement when they see me study my books without being told. Another thing that makes them excited is when I pray and read the Bible. In addition, I resemble my parents especially my mummy even in complexion and this makes her feel very good about me while daddy is always excited when I smile because I resemble him with that, as well as in character. Whenever I have good grades in school, it is always a time of excitement for my parents.


Esther Adeniyi, 11 yrs old

There are a lot of things that get my parents excited about me. First on the list is when I have good grades in school. The second is, when I give regards or show respect to elders, they are always pleased and it shows all over them. Third, when I wake early to prepare for church or school. I feel it in the way they relate with me.


Adijat Giwa, 10 yrs old

I observed that my parents are always glad when I keep my room clean because they like it when everywhere is tidy and orderly in the house; they see it as a sign of maturity as well as obedience to their advice. Another thing I noticed is the delight in them when I help with house chores. My parents feel excited about me when I do my assignments.


Semiloore Lawoyin, 8 yrs old

When I lead the devotion at home, my parents get excited. They also feel proud of me when I show respect to the elderly people anywhere I find myself – in church, in the neighbourhood, etc. Reading my books also makes them delight in me.


Pemisire Akala, 10yrs old

I resemble my parents and this usually arouses excitement about me in them. They also get enthusiastic when they notice a good behaviour in me. Also, my parents feel very happy when I tell the truth and also exhibit wisdom in any action I take.


David Olalude, 11 yrs old

When I study the Bible alone, my parents get amazed. In addition, my daddy particularly gets excited when I ask him questions. Both of them feel very happy when I read my books.


Toluwani Adetunji, 11 yrs old

My parents get excited when I sit down to read my books, participate in various activities in school, especially in cultural group activities. Another thing that makes my parents happy about me is when I talk cleverly beyond their expectations in a discussion.



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