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Every woman’s financial well-being should be taken seriously and this new year we should all work together to achieve something concrete and beautiful for our lives.

For example, I am a widow, my children have all gone abroad what more should I be looking at?

But Madam you’re too materialistic jare…money is not everything o, one of the fellowship women countered.

Ahhh… what did you just say? Oh, so how did you get here today? You drive the most expensive car in this church, you live in the highbrow area in Ikoyi then you come and say gibberish that money is not everything…that’s the statement that you use to keep poor people poor abi… Mrs. Oxbridge answered with a high tone of voice and some attitude.

But it’s true, retorted Mrs. Grange.

Ok o, when you’ve finished deceiving others let me know. Mrs. Oxbridge replied Mrs. Grange

It’s obvious to me now, that it’s always the rich that say money is not everything, meanwhile, when they were poor, money was everything and more.

Shior…Mrs. Oxbridge hissed and walked away to her 2022 Model Range Rover Sport and drove away.

Two days after the Sunday evening women’s fellowship, the women gathered together again, this time for the Tuesday evening bible study.

I am always vigilant when it comes to money matters. Mrs. Oxbridge explained to Mrs. Grange who confronted her at the last Sunday evening fellowship.

You must be an Igbo woman. Igbo women are known to act in a certain way when it comes to money matters.

That is why people in Nigeria say, anything about commerce, just give kudos to the Igbos. They have a culture of enterprise building. Mrs. Grange illuminated.

Hmmm…e ku analysis. Me I’m a Yoruba woman and I have financial prudency. I grew up with my late grand-mother. She was a shrewd business woman.  She gives an account of any money that passes through her hand and will never allow anything go to waste.

She will say Mopelola awon eniyan wa ti o ri ounje je (Meaning there are many people who do not have food to eat).

We became accustomed to her sayings whenever we approach the kitchen to clear out some leftovers from our plates into the bin, which made us sing it like a chorus to anyone about to do the same any day in the kitchen.

I grew up saying the same to my kids, they named me “mama no leftover”. I didn’t care about the name-calling because whenever they say it, it gives me a nostalgic feeling about my grandmother.

So when I come to women’s fellowship and they tag me “Mama too like money” I just laugh it off. Everyone must stand for something or else you will stand for nothing. For me, a life without impact is nothing to write home about.

Mama Oxbridge, all these speeches for one day? The church vicar responded while passing by. Can I see you for a minute ma? I was listening to you back there, I want to propose we have a gathering of all retirees and young people who will like to learn about these things and you will be the speaker.

Would you afford to give us a little of your time grandma?

Mrs. Oxbridge smiled. I will be happy to volunteer my time for this one. After which you will start paying me. The vicar laughed out loud. Ahh…ahh…ahh grandma what do you need money for at your age?

Oh, now grandma does not need money. But you people invite all these young influencers to church service and pay them tons of money.

Me too I have become an influencer in this church. At least I now have a name tag –“Mama too like money”.

Oh, you don’t know I know these things. Gregory, my last child is an influencer of some sort in Canada, he gists me about all these things. In fact, he told me I could be an influencer once I can identify what I like. He even created a Tik-Tok account for me.

The vicar continued laughing while he walked through the church corridor…okay grandma we will do something about it.

God bless you ma.




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