Licenses collated outside national secretariat won’t participate in AGM —ANLCA

By Tola Adenubi Lagos


THE Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) has said that any licences collated outside the office of the Association’s National Secretary won’t be allowed to participate in the association’s forthcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Speaking in Lagos recently during a World Press Conference, acting President of ANLCA, Dr Kayode Farinto explained that over 200 members of the association had already registered for the forthcoming AGM.

According to the ANLCA acting National President, “Let me briefly inform you of the latest CRFFN decision that has called for the slated AGM. I received a letter from the Council about three weeks ago, informing me that the CRFFN has decided to intervene and be part of our AGM, after the one we wanted to organise on 2nd February 2023 was stepped down due to request from the Council.

“In the letter, CRFFN stated that both sides will provide four Board members each to attend the AGM, while the 9th member will be elected at the AGM, where both sides will provide a candidate each.

“The Council in its magnanimity decided to sponsor the AGM. The Council also fixed the date and venue of the AGM, which was later postponed to 15th of March due to the 2023 Elections.

“To comply with the CRFFN letter addressed to me on 10th February, 2023, the National Secretary of ANLCA as usual kick-started the process of organizing the AGM as contained in the ANLCA Supreme Constitution (Any Version). But this time around the NECOM in its magnanimity had to reduce the processes due to the current economic situation in the country and in a bid to carry everybody along.

“For you to attend the 2023 AGM and any ANLCA AGM you must have a License or be a Director of a company Licensed by the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) and a Corporate member of ANLCA, and you must pay a token of N10,000 being the 2023 Annual Dues, while every other dues and conditions were waived. “This was agreed to make sure nobody is left out. And as I speak with you, over 200 of our members have registered for the 2023 AGM going through the normal process of verification and authentication of any Licenses presented and the position of the company representatives, which must be a Director level in such company.

“I want to state here emphatically and to be on record that, anybody that wants to attend the 2023 ANLCA AGM must pass through the normal process as contained in the ANLCA Constitution, no matter your position in ANLCA. I have done mine and I expect others to do theirs too.

“Again, for the records too, the Data base of ANLCA members is domiciled in the National Secretary office and anybody that wants to attend the AGM must clear his/ herself in that office. I want to state that, anybody that goes somewhere to collate Licenses without clearing from the National Secretary office to authenticate the genuineness or otherwise of such Licenses will not be accepted. ANLCA is a constituted Association, and we all agreed to follow our constitution and that is sacrosanct.”



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