Kwara PDP inaugurates over 3,000 canvassers for Atiku/Yaman

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kwara state on Tuesday inaugurated over 3,000 vote canvassers, called, ‘Diplomats’ for its presidential candidate and the Kwara state governorship candidate, Atiku Abukakar and Abdullahi Yaman, respectively.

Speaking at the event, the director general of Atiku/Okowa Campaign Council in the state, Dr. Mahmud Babatunde Ajeigbe, said the structure comprised mainly youths across the 16 local government areas in the state to canvass and mobilize electorate for the party.

“This is necessary because there is quite a lot of information gap and the need to further sensitize the electorate in terms of how they will cast their votes and the choice of party to vote for.

“This election will be about who has reached out to the most people that believe in the message that is being sent”.

Ajeigbe also said that people “need to know, be educated and be enlightened to support the PDP all through being the party that can turn things around in 2023”.

He said the PDP quest to return to power cannot be done only through the media.

“The ‘diplomats’ are over 3,000 spread across the state. What we have here is a representative structure of each ward and local government and we have three coordinators each in addition.

“This election will be about who has reached out to the most people that believe in the message that is being sent.

“That is why you see that different content will be brought out because different areas have different peculiarities and needs, the canvassing will be based on the peculiarity of each area which is why it’s spread across the entire local governments in Kwara state for people not only to listen, but understand the PDP message”, he said.

Also speaking , the convener, Opeyemi Alao, founder of Abral Development Initiative, described the Atiku/Yaman diplomat as a new form of rebirth democracy.

“The situation in the country calls for urgent rescue action. The vision of Alhaji Atiku and Alhaji Abdullahi Yaman can only be achieved through collective efforts infused with energy from patriotic Nigerian Youths.

“Our Vision is to win patriotic souls for Atiku and Yaman for the sole purpose of PDP winning the 16 local governments in Kwara state and Nigeria to enable growth, security, prosperity and abundance”.

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