Is VALORANT on Xbox or PlayStation? VALORANT Xbox and PlayStation release date and details

VALORANT has been a PC-exclusive title since releasing in 2020. But now, everybody, stay calm. It’s finally happening. It’s making its way onto consoles.

Riot has multiple titles that expand from FPS to MMOs and are available on both PC and mobile, and now VALORANT is on its way to becoming the next game on consoles.

No one is sure of any exclusivity for either Xbox or PlayStation just yet, but it’s safe to say, it’s on its way.

The Riot developers have been looking for talent across the globe for their console teams. This might just seem like they were hiring because they were short-staffed, and that’d explain all the Harbor issues. But, this new Nov. 23 ad states they are looking for someone to “help bring console game products to market.”

There isn’t a set date for the long-awaited VALORANT console release as of yet. So, unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for a few weeks to find out any more news.

Image via Riot Games

Earlier this year during the Xbox showcase, it was revealed the Xbox Game Pass would be partnering with Riot to unlock special perks for players. This includes unlocking different card packs in Legends of Runeterra, unlocking every champion in League of Legends, and every agent in VALORANT

In addition to Riot’s partnership with Microsoft and Xbox, a VALORANT leaker on Twitter revealed Riot added two new icons to the game for both PlayStation and Xbox. These were found in the game files after the release of Patch 5.03. While Riot has not made any official statements about the future platforms of VALORANT, there have been multiple leaks suggesting it could be coming to consoles in the near future. 

VALORANT has been compared to other FPS titles like Counter-Strike and Overwatch since its release due to the mixture of gunplay and abilities.

While Counter-Strike is also strictly PC-based, Overwatch has always been available on multiple platforms. Overwatch has had success with being an FPS title with abilities on platforms like Xbox, giving hope VALORANT could have similar success.

It is definitely coming, and we’ll be on the edge of our seats until it’s announced.

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