INEC’s electoral fraud will be reversed ―Atiku

Leon Usigbe- Abuja

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, has expressed confidence that what he called the electoral fraud allegedly committed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) will be reversed in due course.

In a statement he issued on Wednesday, he posited that the electoral body violated not only the Electoral Act but its guidelines as well in the conduct of the February 25 presidential exercise and the declaration of results.
Consequently, he noted, the election was grossly tainted and did not reflect the will of the people.

While thanking Nigerians for their high sense of patriotism in bracing the odds to perform their civic duty during the February 25 presidential election, the former vice president said: “I truly appreciate their resilience, tenacity, and courage. It is indeed heart-warming that they have faith in rescuing and rebuilding our great country, as envisioned by our great party, the PDP.

“As attested to by both local and international observers, the result of the February 25 presidential election, as announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission, was grossly tainted and did not reflect the will of the electorates.

“Nigerians have demonstrated this blatant injustice through different mediums. And for that, I thank them again for their non-violent conduct despite the provocations.

“Indeed, what the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) did in announcing the manipulated result was a clear breach of not only the 2022 Electoral Act but also of its guidelines which the electoral commission had repeatedly claimed would uphold the standards we had seen in the Osun and Ekiti elections.

“Curiously, the INEC Chairman further ignored calls for a review of the process in line with the amended law.”

Atiku assured Nigerians that all hope is not lost, urging them to come out en masse to vote in the March 11 governorship and state houses of assembly elections.

He added: “But all hope is not lost. As citizens desirous of a better Nigeria, we must never give in to apathy. The electoral fraud perpetrated by INEC will be reversed as we step up the cause to reclaim our mandate.

“We must continue to show resilience in the defense of our democracy and in the exercise of our rights to vote.

“Consequently, I urge all our supporters to turn out in large numbers on March 11 to cast their votes for the PDP in the Governorship and State Houses of Assembly election.

“There is no better way to demonstrate against the sham of an election of February 25 than for patriotic citizens like you to turn out en masse this Saturday to vote for a greater and prosperous Nigeria as envisioned by the PDP.

“I urge you to cast your votes peacefully and in strict compliance with the Electoral Act and INEC guidelines. And having cast your votes, be vigilant and protect those votes.”

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