I will like to continue a relationship with Yvonne —Juicy Jay

Yelissa, the pair of Yemi Cregx and Nelissa Mchunu, were evicted last Sunday to the shock of many following the show having topped discussions across social media platforms for weeks. They spoke to FRIDAY TREAT about their entanglements, pairings and life after BBTitans.


What are your plans with the relationship with Yvonne?

I’m very serious about her, with the conversations I’ve had with her about our plans outside the house. I’m still ready to put in same efforts that I put in since day one to just make sure that we would work outside the house. I really miss her and I’m glad she could smile because she had people around her. I’m really confident about our relationship even outside the house.


If you could, what message would you to send to her back in the house?

I love you and I miss you. Stand up, dress up, do your thing , be the force that you are and go to the finals.


Olivia, could there be a relationship with Thabang outside the house?

Well, I would like to continue work with him but relationship, no. I was just attracted to him naturally and I liked being around him because of his smartness because I know I would learn a lot. I just wanted to be friends with him and not to have a relationship with him.


Do you think your rugby team mates support you being in the spotlight?

Juicy Jay: Definitely! They support me. There was a point where I did not see myself more than Juicy Jay the rugby player and Big Brother exposed me. I realised that I was more than just that. There is more to me than just being an athlete. Also, I had a rough year and before coming to the show. I had a vulnerable side and my coach was able to help me work on that.


Is there anything unique about your partner’s culture that you would like to adopt?

Olivia: For Juicy’s culture, before you become a real man, you have to go through some kind of initiation and this particular process makes a lot of people respect you. Blue Aiva came on and said she had gone through initiation as a woman and there were some things she could do that other women cannot do.

I was shocked because we don’t have that kind of tradition in Nigeria and if I was a South African, I would love to go through the process because I would want to be a woman early enough, I would be curious. I like the way Juicy carries himself as a man.

Juicy: I remember the time Olivia dressed up in her traditional attire, that outfit really stood out for me. Even Miracle is an Ibo guy and he gave me the name Ikenna so I guess I’m an igbo man.


What next for you both?

Juicy: Everything is still fresh and new to me but I’m always ready to work, explore and put myself out there. I’m going to continue to be a role model to young people and put my brand out there.


Would you still be playing rugby?

Definitely! With sport, you communicate a lot of things. I’m ready to do it all; play rugby, feature in Nollywood movies, just do whatever

Olivia: For me, I’m going into everything fashion. I’m going to open my show room and pursue my career. I’m open to working with any brand and build mine as well.


Are you surprised that you were evicted?

Yes, leaving the show on Sunday was a shock to me and even the housemates could attest that they took out people that had the entertainment energy on the show.


What would you miss most in the house?

Juicy Jay: For me, the Thursday night pool parties, Saturday night parties. Those times were just really amazing with my brothers and sisters. It was also special with my Yvonne.

Olivia: Saturday night parties for me. You dance away your sorrow because you know Sunday is coming and wait for your fate. I would miss the tasks and big brother’s voice. Despite everything, I would miss everyone and being in each other’s space, eating together and all.


Was gossiping a strategy for you?

I do not have a lot of friends and my circle was just small, coming into the house. I met people like Yvonne, Nana, Jennie and we bonded. We were just trying to engage ourselves; everything we spoke about were things that happened in the house. For us, we called it analyzing. I don’t see someone taking gossiping as a strategy.


Who do you think would win the show?

Olivia: From what I can see now, I think Khosi, but I pray for  Yvonne. I’m rooting for Yvonne but the fans have to decide now. They make the decisions.


What are your low and high points in the house?

Juicy: My low points had to be being confined to a certain space and not being able to move around. Though I’m the one who brings the energy to the house, there are times I just wanted to be myself and be quiet.

For highs, the time I was singing and all of us came together in unification. It made me feel like I was with my brothers and sisters and we were singing, having a good time.


Olivia, have you come to terms with Blue Avia’s betrayal?

Honestly, I’m speechless. I don’t see it as a betrayal. I feel like I betrayed my partner because we already agreed on who we were going to nominate and when I got to the diary room, I got emotional and changed it. I did this because I felt like I was betraying a friend. However, there are no bad energies for me because we were also trying to take her out of the way, so she saw me as a competition and wanted to take me out despite the friendship and that’s fine.


Do you think you have a good relationship with your partner, Juicy?

Yes we have a good relationship. Though at the beginning there were misunderstanding and miscommunication but after we sorted everything out, we were cool. We saw each other as siblings and we realised that late.



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