I want couples to learn more about family values while having fun —Adeniba, Purple Diaries CEO

Temitope Fabinu Adeniba, the Chief Executive Officer of Purple Diaries Event, is an events planner with expertise in food and cake. In this interview with YEJIDE GBENGA-OGUNDARE, she speaks on why couples need to learn more about family values, the need for women to be financially independent, why marriage cannot be sustained by one partner as well as her expectations from her upcoming couples dinner for valentine.


Should marital status be a criterion for measuring women’s success?

Not at all; marriage should in no way be a criterion in measuring the success of a woman. My answer to this will always be an emphatic no.


Does a bad marriage affect people’s lives or abilities and how?

Yes, a bad marriage affects people, both men and women, negatively. It affects people physically, mentally, emotionally  and psychologically. And because of the emotions attached to such condition, people’s mental stability is affected and this goes a long way in determining their success in life.


Can one partner single-handedly make a marriage work?

No way. That is impossible because it takes two to tango. My answer is no.


What do you intend to achieve with the couples dinner programme?

Well, it is a passion for me to have families together. I have always had passion for this; I have deep passion for children. I have passion for couples and for marriages. So that’s the beginning of this programme and what I intend to achieve from this couples program is for couples to learn more about family values while having fun. I believe they need to learn more about family values but in a light and happy environment.


Do you have a particular age bracket in mind for the dinner?

Yes. The programme is for couples between ages 30 and 50.


What are your thoughts on women having streams of income?

I will say it is important for women to have streams of income because women of this age and time should be financially independent, supportive and responsible to live a good life.


Can women be good leaders?

Of course yes. Women can be great leaders.


How can women prove their worth to be seen beyond cheer leaders and sex objects?

This is very important for women. Women must achieve this by assuming important positions and responsibilities in different organisations within the society.


It is said that some men do not want their wives to have a voice. What can such women do to avoid suppression without jeopardising their home?

Realistically, this can only be done by earning money, supporting and being responsible in the home.


How do you stand on your principles and identify women with similar purpose to work with?

I believe you will recognize them when you meet them. Also when you meet them, you can achieve this by stating clearly your own principles and being conscious of their own principles. If they are women of like minds, you will know.



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