I never intended to toy with any lady’s emotions —Yemi Cregx

Yelissa, the pair of Yemi Cregx and Nelissa Mchunu, were evicted last Sunday to the shock of many following the show having topped discussions across social media platforms for weeks. They spoke to FRIDAY TREAT about their entanglements, pairings and life after BBTitans.


How was the experience like for you?

Yemi: It was a rollercoaster basically, there were low and high moments but overall, it was a good experience. I went into the house with the sole aim of enjoying myself on the show. I enjoyed every bit and I have no regrets. I did what I had to do, played the game and enjoyed it at the same time.

Nelissa: It was a rollercoaster like Yemi said. I think there were moments when I felt like I was done, and had to go back and dust myself up. There was a lot of learning and I really loved being able to push myself in the house.


 Do you think you would have done better independently rather than as a pair?

Nelissa: I think the pairing for us really worked because there were sides that Yemi and I don’t have but the partnership made it easier. I think we made one another better as a pair. I don’t think I would have done better without him.


Tell us about your relationship with Thabang?

He is my boy. I really like Thabang, even if things don’t pan out as a relationship. I don’t mind being just friends. We have not defined our relationship. Whatever happens in the house now is on him. I think he is a really lovely person and I’m excited to see and watch like one of the viewers now.


Yemi, tell us about your relationship with Khosi and Blue Avia? What issues did you have with Miracle and Thabang?

Khosi and I were good in the house. We had a great connection. It’s the same with Blue Avia as well, but there was a bit of misunderstanding and miscommunication at some point. Miracle and I are cool. However, it was just a case of us not being able to mend our differences successfully. If you’re going to be cool with me, be cool with me 100 per cent. I need to know you are being sincere at all times. So, it was just the energy.

Thabang and I shouldn’t come up in a conversation. While it looked like we were in a triangle, I don’t think we were. It doesn’t matter to me now.


What’s next for you Yemi Cregx?

Definitely, there has been a lot of things that has been in the works before I left for Big Brother’s House. I do a lot of lifestyle, fashion and brand influencing. I do brand strategy as well, so I intend to put it out on a much larger scale. I have unlocked a lot of my potentials back in house so I would just do what I can do.


Nelissa, your high and low moments in the house?

My high moments were during the wager tasks, being able to creatively express myself. The Saturday parties as well.

Some of my low moments were feeling home sick during the last two weeks and people could tell that my spirit was so low. . Also, the lack of privacy in the house; you would be trying to be in solitude and someone would constantly interrupt you.


What’s next for you Nelissa?

I’m definitely starting a podcast, putting my voice out there. I want to open a platform for young creatives to express themselves, creative meet sessions as well and whatever comes knocking at my door, I’m not saying no to it. The sky is the limit now.


Do you think your eviction was fair?

The housemates had always put us up for eviction every week. So apparently, it was just our time to go but now we are on to bigger things.

Yemi, do you think you would do the celebrity boxing match with Miracle afterall?

Honestly, when I was in the house, I would have but now that I’m out, I have bigger fish to fry.


Who do you think would win the show?

Yemi: I’ve not really thought about who would win the show asides myself but I’m placing my bet on a few people. I think it between Kananga, Khosi, maybe Thabang. I’ve not really thought about it.


Do you think your triangle with Khosi and Blue Avia affected your game?

What people don’t understand is when you’re in the house, it is a different thing entirely. I obviously just played the game, I don’t know if it affected my game or not. I was just trying to be myself, go into the competition and go with my game plan. My game plan wasn’t to play with anyone’s emotions but it is what it is. I don’t know if it affected my game or not.


So, was the triangle with Blue Avia and Khosi a strategy?

It wasn’t a strategy, I did not come into the house to be attached to just one person. I just wanted to get to know people.


Do you think there’s a future for you and Khosi?

Only God knows.


Nelissa, what do you think about Mmeli?

Mmeli was a crush and I think it was because we liked many similar things; we like the same genres of music and when I noticed Mmeli was not that into me, I moved.


What lessons did you take from Big Brother’s house?

Nelissa: I learnt not to judge a book by its cover, you can never know a person totally. You have to get to know them beyond the first conversation. I learnt to push myself always and never underestimate myself.

Yemi: Always unlock your full potential, and unpack everything. I realised while I was in the house that I had not been maximizing my potential.



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