I just bought a 4K TV for $148 Black Friday sends heavy!, be so smart that this man can be

Good news I bought a 4K TV for $148 Black Friday, so it’s sending heavy hits!, be as smart as that man who is in this situation.

Published 23/11/2022 at 21.

Black Friday sometimes hits the hardest. However, some people get completely unexpected prices. It’s the case of Jamie, director of an e-sports company who just bought his new 4K TV for 148 on Wallmart. Don’t panic, in France we have promotions as high as those that the same price. Here is our selection of the best Black Friday deals on cheap 4K TVs!

If an American tweets a price, keep on thinking that it will always be expressed without tax. With us, the prices are displayed on the price page as well as all taxes. That changes everything. When a 4K TV is increased by about $150 and goes up to almost $200 once tax is added.

Black Friday is a big-tooth event, but it does not mean that the promotions it contains are more intense across the Atlantic than in France. The discount period is more expensive than the Black Friday. Even our sales, which allow sales at a moment, cannot compete with this event at the price of a so well-placed 1, month before holidays.

For example, based on the 4K TV debate, last year, France saw the LG 55 C1, considerant then the queen of OLED TVs, go to 999 instead of around 1500. I spoke with the LG officers in person, and they told me they couldn’t believe it.

In the long run, the poor may be as smart as his wife, Jamie. Then again.

The cheapest 4K TV, which we’ve found on the French web, is from Polaroid, which sold at 299 at the Cdiscount or the Rue du CommerceAmazon. This Philips 4K TV is 449 o’clock. For example, Philips Ambilight technology places an LED strip on the TV screen, so as to extend the projected image with light. As a result, a green lightaber passes from left to right and moves from left across the screen, the back of your TV will turn red again. This is not a deterrent. We always prefer a 5 o’clock 4K, and this model has QLED technology on only 449 o’clock thanks to Black Friday. For instance, Samsung’s QLED technology uses nano-crystals to filter light and make it particularly effective in color management. The cheapest 55-inch 4K TV is still more than excellent. That’s on sale at 799 instead of the usual 959 at the Rue du Commerce! OLED is expensive, but doesn’t cost anything. To avail this, the minimum is 770 (tell yourself that we almost never see three-digit sums for OLED).

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