How would you react if your husband seeks DNA test for your children?

On a regular basis, issues bordering around DNA tests for paternity reasons keep popping up in the media and on the social media. Certain untoward things happening in today’s relationships and marriages have subjected the paternity of children under the X-ray − and hence, the increasing demands for DNA tests. This necessitated our question for today. Below are some of the responses from our contributors


Mutty Murtala

If my husband demands a DNA test for our children, I would likely feel a mix of emotions, including shock, hurt and confusion. Such a demand suggests a lack of trust and implies doubt about the fidelity of our relationship. I would probably feel the need for an open conversation to address his concerns and reassure him of my faithfulness and the authenticity of our children. It would be important to approach the situation with empathy and understanding while seeking a resolution that promotes trust, communication, and the wellbeing of our family.


Adeniran Adenike Omolaoye

Whenever Nigerians hear DNA test, the first thing that comes to their minds is infidelity. Have you thought about child(ren) being switched at birth? Especially those that use hospitals? (Not everyone uses hospitals for childbirth). That said, if my husband wants a DNA test, no problem. He should go ahead. However, he has to answer some questions − at least, to know what brought the issue of DNA up. If I am satisfied with his answers, then we move.


Ilebani Titilayo Olamide

This means he never trusted me all the while. Once he gets it done, we are both done because I cannot continue living with a man that has trust issues.



I would be very sad, disappointed and heartbroken because lots of thoughts would be going on in my head. Things like he does not trust me enough, he thinks I am a cheat. One thing men should know is that a woman reacting badly about something critical like this is not guilty. We are human. We have feelings. It could even lead to physiological torture − your children being rejected by their biological father, not really a rejection, but that is what it looks like to me. So, I would be upset.


Redeemed Olive

I know my husband would have no reason whatsoever to demand a DNA test on my children. But if it gets to that point where he requests a DNA test, there would be no problem, as long as he is not testing the children on suspicion of infidelity (on my part) or hearsay.


Hafsat Ibrahim

I would allow him to go on with the test since I do not have any hidden activities behind his back. But I doubt if my husband would demand it because we both trust ourselves and are also open-minded. There should not be any cause for alarm if your husband asks for a DNA test if you are sure all his children are for him.


Olamide Faleyimu

If the motive is to confirm if the baby is ours, a paternity or maternity test is excellent. However, if the motive is to confirm if I was being unfaithful, then there lies the problem.


Kemi Adeoye

He could go ahead and do it without informing me, but the day I would know about it, I would move out of the house for good. On the other hand, fortunately, my children resemble their father.


Peter Amarachi Abigail.

To begin with, I would feel he does not trust me enough because if he does, he would not ask for such knowing fully well that his wife could never betray him. On the other hand, I would not only judge the case from my perspective. I understand that change is constant and someone you know that he or she could never betray you could shatter your trust any day. He may be afraid of betrayal. And, because of that, I would do whatever he wants and prove to him that I am trustworthy. If the children are not his, then I should be getting ready for his wrath because he must surely find out one day.


Rachaeal Towera

Firstly, it would come as a shock to me. Why would he think of a DNA test, meaning he thinks I cheated on him and he does not trust me anymore? Secondly, after his explanation of my first question convinces me, I would accept the test to be conducted because I know I have never cheated on him. So, I would go with confidence. Lastly, because my husband is light in complexion, all my children resemble him. They are all very light in complexion. None of our children is dark like me − that would also give me confidence and, of course, remove doubts from him.


Oby Blessing

I would have no reactions. Besides, do I need to know, or does he need to tell me? He is free to do the test, but he would answer questions to quench his curiosity.


Abasiafommemi Yvonne Kayode

With recent issues regarding the paternity of children, I would not blame him for doubting me. After the test, I would demand the latest car.


OluFunke Banjo

With all the happenings in recent times, he might want to be sure his future is not blank. More so, I do not want to be seen as an infallible human.


Hope Rwigamba

I would allow him to conduct the test. When the results are positive, he would go through the trouble of doubting my faithfulness. I would torment him to a stupour.



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