How to wash your panties, bras, singlets and boxers appropriately  

Underwear just as the name implies are items of clothing we wear as a means of protecting the private or pubic part of our body. They are also the set of clothing that serves as a foundation for our dressing.   

As much as possible, it is important we are conversant with underwear hygiene for men and women as our pubic area deserves to be adequately cared for.   

There are certain ways that we wash our underwear that may endanger our pubic area and also make our underwear wear out early.   

Having adequate knowledge on how to appropriately wash your underwear improve its longevity, saves you money and ensures that your pubic area is hygienically cared for.   

In this article are steps to be followed in order to appropriately wash your underwear.  

1. Soak them before washing   

I know you are busy right and you don’t have the time to soak your underwear as you will rather just wash them in your washing machine during your laundry day or give them to the dry cleaner.   

To appropriately wash your underwear, you need to soak them at least 15 minutes before you are set to wash them or the previous night before your wash day.  

Doing this helps to remove stains easily, and it also saves you the stress of scrubbing so much before your underwear gets clean.  

2. Always separate   

The next step in washing your underwear appropriately is to separate them.   

It will be wrong for you to wash your underwear alongside your clothes. You should rather was them separately and when doing so, you should ensure that you separate your underwear according to their colours.  

You should not wash your white boxers, panties,  bras and singlets with other coloured underwear. This is in order to prevent any of your coloured underwear from bleeding into your white underwear.   

Note: you can only wash all your underwear together when you know for a fact that none of your underwear bleeds.   

3. Don’t use bleach   

The reason we most times use bleach is that we want to get stains out of our white underwears and also maintain the colour.   

To wash your underwear the right way and also enhance its longevity you should avoid the use of bleach as it can lead to discolouration and ruining of fashion details on the underwear.  

Instead, use a mild whitening agent and a stain remover.   

4. Hand-wash them  

Washing our underwear with our hands is more advisable rather than the use of machine.  

Unlike your tops, trousers and other material that can withstand rough handling, innerwear needs gentle care.   

So, as often as possible, hand wash your underwear rather than using the washing machine but if you must use a washing machine, get a lingerie/underwear wash bag so that hooks, buttons, clasps and delicate details are kept intact.  

5. Use mild detergent  

Your underwear do not require a hard laundry soap before they get clean; a mild detergent is Ok.   

Just try to stick to detergents with mild formulas that do the job and are gentle on the fabric.   

Look for washing agents that don’t contain chlorine and  also always use cold or moderately warm water for washing.  

6. Sun dry them   

After washing your underwear, the best way to get them dried is through sun drying in open air.  

I know the reason some of us stopped the habit of sun drying our underwear was as a result of the theft of people’s underwear, ladies especially, by the so-called Yahoo boys that are in search of quick wealth.  

Even with this, it is best you look for ways for sunlight to dry your underwear as this prevents bacteria from making your underwear a breeding ground, gives you undies a fresh smell and help keep the colour intact.   

7. Store them separately  

Your underwear should not be found in between your clothes. You need to create a separate space for them in your wardrobe.   

You should have a separate space for your pants, boxers, singlets, bras, tights, and so on.   

Also, when they get dirty, you should have a separate laundry basket for them.   

Ensure you take the appropriate steps in washing your underwear. A hygienic underwear results  in a healthy individual.   



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