Home hacks to make busy women’s life easier

As a woman, juggling a million things is an everyday routine. As a result, there is a need to find ways to streamline routine to create more efficient ways of doing  small things.

Below are a few hacks can make home cleaning and routine house chores easier:

Clean a ceiling fan with a pillowcase: To avoid triggering a sneeze attack when cleaning dusty ceiling fan blades, slide a pillowcase over a blade and pull out slowly; the dust collects into the bag at once.

Buff out scratch marks with a walnut: You can remove scratch marks that have defaced your wooden surfaces by rubbing a walnut over the scuffed areas, the nut’s natural oils  reduces the appearance of scratches

Absorb paint smells with onions: If you do not like the smell of paint around your home, just peel a few onions and leave them around the house,  they will absorb the chemical odours.

Use hair straightener to iron out shirt collars: After straightening your hair, you can quickly use the straightener to press the collar of a work shirt.

Fast-clean your showerhead: To get chrome showerhead looking new, soak in a solution of half clear vinegar and half water.

Making candles last longer: Cover candles with a plastic bag and place in the freezer for 24 hours before lighting it to make it last longer.

Keep matching bedsheets and covers inside the pillowcase: To avoid stressful search through cupboards when you want to change sheets, use pillowcases to keep matching sheets.

Recycle old toothbrushes: Don’t throw out overused toothbrushes, they can be used to clean hard to reach places in the bathroom, faucets or even scrub the sink.

Pick up glass fragments with bread: To ensure a clean sweep of shards when glasses get broken, use a slice of bread to pick the small sharp pieces.

Save silica gel sachets: Stop throwing out those little sachets you get in vitamin bottles or shoe boxes. Store them with your camera gear; it’s useful during humidity as they prevent mould and humidity from destroying  things.

Put pantyhose over vacuum cleaner nozzle to pick up small items: When you are looking for tiny objects like earring or small screws, just place a pantyhose or thin old sock over the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner and sweep it over your floor or carpet to pick up the lost item easily.



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