Habits that aid breast sagging

At a particular point in a woman’s life, it is normal and a natural occurrence for the breasts to lose gravity and sag. And this happens to different women at different periods due to factors like  age, genetics, pregnancy or breastfeeding among others.

However, these uncontrollable natural forces are not the only factors responsible for the breasts losing shape and  hanging a little lower than most women like, there are some normal and common habits that form part of the daily routine of many women  that can cause the breasts to sag.


Below are some of the habits:

Poor Posture: The instruction, sit up straight while many were growing up was not just about etiquette, having the right posture aids the breasts to remain perky. If you spend a lot of time hunched forward, it can take a toll on your neck, back, shoulders and even your breasts.

Having a perky breast is another reason that should make you put your cell phone down and take a break from the computer because regular sitting or standing with poor posture means gravity is pulling the breasts further downward and stretching the tissue and elastin fibers in the breasts. So stand straight, sit tall, and try to do some releasing, chest opening stretches daily to help keep your breasts up where they should be.

Smoking: Droopy breasts are one of the many reasons you should avoid smoking. Studies have found that smoking breaks down the proteins in breast tissues that gives breasts their firmness. It also affects the breast skin the same way it does in other areas by drying it out and creating wrinkles.

Sleep posture: It has been said that the way you sleep can affect breast aesthetics. And while it is difficult to control how you sleep since you are unconscious,  the sleeping position at night might impact how perky the breast looks by day.

For side sleepers or stomach sleepers, there is a great chance that these positions can affect the shape of your breasts. Sleeping on your stomach compresses your breasts into the mattress and can prevent healthy blood flow to the area, while sleeping on one side can cause the ligaments and tissue to stretch unevenly as gravity pulls the breasts down further on that side.

It has been said that sleeping on your back or using a body pillow for support while you sleep on your side are the best ways to prevent the effects of gravity from working on unsuspecting breasts while you sleep. And for women with larger breasts, a bra could be more comfortable and provide the added support that will lift and  fend off the dreaded sag.

Irregular Dieting: Breast tissues are mainly fat, so when you lose and gain weight repeatedly, the fat cells within the breasts expand and then shrink. The breasts are often the first place you gain or lose fat, and when it happens over and over, it wears down the elastin proteins in the breast and causes them to be permanently stretched.

Not using sunscreen: Not wearing sunscreen can also have detrimental effects on the breasts. Breast skin is sensitive, and it should be protected from the sun to the same degree as the skin on the face or neck any time it might be exposed.

Experts recommend daily sunscreen use for the face and neck anytime you are outside.



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