Group raises alarm over surge in activities of political thugs in South West

As the country is approaching general elections, the World Institute for Peace has raised alarm over raising activities of political thugs in South West especially Oyo and Osun states saying it is becoming unbearable.

This is as the group expressed sadness over the inability of security agencies especially the lead agency, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) to stop political thuggery and other vices.

The Executive Director, World Institute for Peace Lamina Kamiludeen Omotoyosi briefing Journalists lamented that there has been increased activities of political thugs in the build-up to the February polls while the security agencies watch the other way.

He, therefore, called on the President to activate state machinery in a proactive manner to the act which has lingered for too long.

“As the country is approaching 2023 presidential election, it is very necessary for the federal government to put in a top gear, measures to stop any act of thuggery and banditry in the country. Meanwhile, the way political thugs are grouping in the South West especially Oyo and Osun states obviously, it is becoming unbearable and this needs a very weighty action to halts its growth.” he said

Speaking further, he stressed that the free will hands given to political thugs to operate in the West and banditry in the North as well as the activities of unknown gunmen in the South East all pose threats to the hope of peaceful, credible and free elections.

“It is very necessary that any form of violence must be tackled before any election in order to ensure a peaceful,fair and democratic process of electing the leaders of any country”,he added.

He however,slammed the Police for not being able to address the challenges but rather giving cover to political thugs.

“We have reports that some political thugs have cordial relationship with some agencies of the Nigerian Police Force in some states which is clear,so I’m not satisfied with the Police but I just want to charge if the President himself has that passion that he wants to deliver a peaceful and credible election come February 25,2023 he will do that by making a fine order to the Nigerian security agencies that anyone found compromising with any political party will go or pay for it so I’m not satisfied”.

“I employ the federal government to have an independent team that will work for this election,who will not depend on any Governors,who will not have connections with any Gov in the States because when you deploy security agencies to a state and they are welcomed by the Gov and give them certain things. They won’t even work.

“We have had cases in the past that ballot boxes are snatched before policemen and they did not move an inch to save the bearer. It is doable,we should have an independent team that will work for this election. They should also have a disciplinary committee for the security agencies that if you are being alleged or found to have committed this after the election you will be fired” he advised.

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