Google Play adds generative AI, subscription upgrade pricing, more

The developer use cases for generative AI are as promising as the consumer ones, and Google Play will leverage it “present your app or game in the best possible light” and “helping users discover your title is their next favorite.”

Generative AI 

Android developers will be able to use generative AI to draft Google Play Store listings. It involves an “AI helper” where you enter a “couple of prompts, like an audience and a key theme.” You can enter your “key message,” and specify whether your user is new, lapsed, or current, and whether the tone of the listing should be fun, exciting, or serious.

This will create a draft version that you can edit before publishing in an experience that’s somewhat similar to Gmail and Google Docs. Gen AI for drafting Play Store listing (in English) is available as an experimental feature starting today.

Google will also summarize reviews using generative AI to “help users learn from each other about what makes your app or game special at a glance.” This is starting with positive reviews in English with an expansion planned this year. Summaries will appear as part of a “What users are saying” section.

More Play at I/O 2023

Meanwhile, Google today previewed other new features for the Play Store that will impact developers and end users alike. To boost user discovery, Google is letting devs directly sell “in-app items directly on Play.” This is being done through an “In-game items and offers” carousel that appears in listings with price and description. 

Feature specific in-app items in different countries or offer discounts to excite users and increase conversions.

Continuing on the listing front is the ability to tailor them by country and customize them for inactive users. Additionally:

Create a base listing as your primary template and modify elements for different audiences with store listing groups.

Also of note is support for subscription upgrade pricing with the new API allowing for:

  • Prepaid plans: Users purchase a specific period, and can top-up to extend their access.
  • Upgrade offers: Users receive a discount for upgrading their subscription tier, lengthening their billing period, or moving from prepaid to an auto-renewing plan.
  • Custom eligibility: you decide the business logic and determine eligibility in your app

Starting in May 2022, a subscription’s benefits (in other words, “what” the subscription provides) are defined separately from its base plans and offers (“how” the subscription is sold). This new model makes it easier to sell your subscriptions in various ways. 

Old vs. new

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