G6 dismisses alleged crack among frontline aspirants –

Frontline Aspirants under the aegis of G6 have vowed not to succumb to any attempt or threat to cause disaffection within the Coalition following the recent visit of Hon. Muktar Aliyu Betara (APC-Borno) to President-elect Bola Tinubu in France.

Speaking on behalf of the Coalition, Hon. Yusuf Gagdi (APC-Plateau) who dismissed the report, however urged the Public to disregard the report and treat it as one fit only for the dustbin.

The report had claimed that Tinubu and Vice President-elect Kashim Shettima persuaded Betara to step down for Rep. Tajudeen Abbas, who has been endorsed by the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the next Speaker.

Speaking on behalf of a coalition of speakership aspirants, Hon. Gagdi, who maintained that the report lacks merit and substance, argued that the speculation meant to breed bad blood among the Aspirants would not work. 

Hon. Gagdi said the Coalition had made up their mind to work in unity and would not be deterred by sponsored write ups against any of their members.

He said the G6 acknowledged the fact that the President-elect is a Democrat and a father to all, adding that they had all visited the President-elect one after the other in different circumstances. 

Hon. Gagdi said he was with the president-elect few hours ago likewise everyone amongst the aspirants, saying the story that the G6 were not together was a big lie. 

“I was with the President-elect and we spoke like a Father and Son.

“We will all go out to deliver a consensus candidate who will be the next Speaker of the 10th House of Representatives, ” he said. 

He said it did not matter where and when members chose to see or visit the President-elect, stating that what matters most was their resolve and pursuit for justice, equity and fairness. 

Hon. Gagdi said the G6 had come to stay and would not succumb to any paid writer willing to be used to fuel disunity among them, adding that the G6 would surely coast to victory on June 13, when the House would be inaugurated. 

The report also claimed that Hon. Betara vowed to take the risk to slug it out with Abbas on June 13, banking on the votes of the incoming members of the House from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).”

This however was contrary to the reports that Hon. Betara’s meeting with the President-elect had splitted the group, describing the reports as the figment of the writer’s imagination.



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