Five reasons to have a dream board

By: Eunice Olaleye

As humans, it is not out of place to have goals. You need a dream board to follow up effectively if your goals matter. In this article, you’ll learn five reasons you should have a dream board from now on:

1. Visualisation of your goals and prompts
A dream board is a tool that helps you visualise goals, visions and dreams you hope to achieve. It could be a connecting tool for the life you dream of having and the work you put into it. You can have different prompts pasted on your dream board. It helps you to be up and doing; about the goals that you have in view.

2. Tracks progress
It helps you to track your progress. It’s quite safe to call a dream board a goal tracker. Knowing or being able to identify how much progress you are making helps you correctly identify the loopholes that need to be covered, the miles that have been covered, and the ones that are yet to be covered.

3. Encourages proactiveness
Having a dream board that you can call your own aids proactiveness and keeps sluggishness in check. It helps you to make prompt decisions. It helps you to avoid unnecessarily slow decision-making and sets you up to be efficient.

4. Reminder of things done and yet to be done
It sharpens your memories of things concerning your goals because the human mind tends to forget things easily. When you have your dream board staring at you right in the face every time you wake up, walk around your room, or go out, it is hard to forget tasks or goals that need to be accomplished.

5. Aids productivity
A dream board that accommodates your tasks, goals, and other vision-related information can aid productivity. Many a time, people are less productive because they fail to remember what goals they have set for themselves. So, seeing the goals you have set for yourself over time would easily motivate you to show up for what needs to be done.

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