Find your match with TikTok’s viral ‘smiley face’ dating quiz: ‘So accurate’

Color us intrigued.

An online quiz that’s meant to “find your dating style with a smiley character” has TikTokers claiming it’s “so accurate.”

The test, which was created by Korean website, highlights your romance profile with one of 16 smiley face characters.

In a TikTok made by user @m3latoningummi, she insisted the quiz is the “most accurate thing” she’s ever done. In the caption, she even wrote, “Why am I gonna cry?”

Each colorful face represents a different personality type, which gets revealed after you answer 12 questions, ranging from what you’re more likely to do over the weekend to what you think about when you get on a plane.

People on TikTok are saying the smiley face dating test is the most “accurate” thing ever.

The questionnaire also asks your hobbies and what you would do if you were to be set up on a blind date.

At the end, you’re awarded a colored smiley face that is supposed to enlighten you about your dating traits. The findings include the two smiley faces you’re the most and least compatible with.

For example, a navy blue face means you are a “sunflower full of care.” The website describes you as someone who likes to tend to your lover’s emotions. People who align with the navy smile are also very independent, so they might not always like having difficult conversations with their partners.

The hashtag #smiledatetest has attracted more than 464,000 views on TikTok as the test takes off.

TikTok creator @sxndrx2608 made a video setting her results to emotional music. After taking the test, she revealed she got an orange smiley face, which means you have “blind understanding and love” for your partner.

After you complete the quiz, it will give you a smiley face with a description based on your answers.
After you complete the quiz, you receive a smiley face with a description based on your answers.

In the comments section of her video, some shared their results as well.

“I got sky smile, and why does it fit like 100% 🥲,” one person divulged.

Another disclosed, “Nah, man, I got the Pink smile, yet it actually matches my personality 😰.”

Someone even tried to shoot their shot with the initial poster.

“I got Sky smile, we could make a good couple, and honestly I would love to know someone with a personality like this but they seem to don’t exist 🥲,” they teased.

TikTok users are going crazy for the viral quiz.
TikTok users are going crazy for the viral quiz.
For example, a navy smile says your dating style is a "sunflower with full of care."
A navy smile means your dating style is a “sunflower full of care.”

Though many seemed happy with their results, others claimed their description didn’t exactly represent them.

“I got yellow, and some of it was inaccurate,” one user griped.

Another reasoned, “I got the burgundy smile, and it’s kinda true just not for the study parts.”

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