Emeka Ozoani (SAN): The dogged lawyer

Emeka Ozoani LLB, LLM, SAN, Member Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, is a man with a simple mien who transforms in the courtroom and becomes a force to reckon with in his interpretation of the law and its application to situations.

He is one lawyer that has shown perseverance and deep commitment to causes that he believes in and is not deterred by whatever stumbling blocks placed in. his way.

The Principal Counsel in the law firm of Emeka Ozoani & Co, and a leading member of the Ikeja Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), has broken records for engaging Julius Berger in a legal battle that started from the magistrate court and moved through the high court to the Appellate court and is presently awaiting hearing at the Supreme court.

And every step of the way,  Emeka Ozoani won and has been awarded damages in millions. Ozoani is a fiery lawyer with deep passion fir the law amd the downtrodden.


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