Does Taylor Die on Bold & Beautiful? Is Krista Allen Leaving?

We were as shocked as Brooke by the state in which she found her friend.

We can’t believe that Bold & Beautiful would really kill off Taylor. Not only is she a beloved character, but since Krista Allen took over the role in December 2021, she’s been more compelling than ever. On top of that, the soap has struck gold with her hard-won friendship with longtime romantic rival Brooke. (Allen and Katherine Kelly Lang may wind up being the best tag team since Lang and Susan Flannery got to play Brooke and Stephanie as more than mortal enemies.)

But the show sure wanted us to think the same thing that Brooke did at the end of the February 7 episode: that her gal pal had ended her life by suicide. One minute, Taylor, wracked with guilt over having shot Bill, was writing that “there’s only one solution to make this right for everyone I love. I have to end it all. Now.” (Yikes.) The next minute, Taylor was taking a pill. Finally, Brooke let herself in and found Taylor unconscious.

Mind you, the world-renowned psychiatrist had only taken a pill. Singular. And the bottle that Brooke discovered was obviously full. Yet she nonetheless jumped to the conclusion that the toll Bill and Sheila’s blackmail was taking on Taylor had driven her to do the unthinkable. What we suspect — and hope — is that instead, exhausted from her dramatic journaling, she had just taken a sleeping pill.

Not that there isn’t reason to worry about Taylor. She isn’t thinking at all clearly if, as Brooke observed, she’s leaving her door unlocked with Sheila on the loose. A deadbolt won’t stop the madwoman, of course — only Santa Claus is better at breaking into homes — but it might slow her down for a second or two.

What do you think? Bold & Beautiful wouldn’t really kill Taylor, would it? On your way to the comments, review her eyebrow-raising history in the photo gallery below.

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