C’River residents recount experiences after February 25 election

Godwin Otang | Calabar


Indigenes of Cross River are recounting mixed experiences after the February 25 presidential and national assembly elections..

It is worthy of note that Nigerians had to travel from as far as London and other parts of the world to Nigeria, just to cast their votes in the elections.

Expressing their feelings about the elections, Mr Iso Bassey told Nigerian Tribune that he woke up on Monday, February 27 morning to the announcement that Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been declared the president-elect.

“Quite disappointing is the fact that despite all the evidences provided that free, fare and credible election did not take place and that neither Tinubu nor Atiku Abubaker won 25 percent of votes from Abuja, aside from the irregularities that took place during the election.

“In fact, it was on Tuesday that I saw my polling unit results on the INEC portal, which was a bridge of the guidelines.

“My main reason for sadness is that there are people who have captured the Nigerian state. And we have sold ourselves. I don’t have confidence in the Supreme Court. Millions of people came out and voted, but those who have captured the Nigerian state looked for means to subvert the will of the people. My view is the elections should be canceled.”

Mrs Idara Kingsley, narrated her experience that: “I was fatigued for two days  because of the devastating effect of the national and international embarrassment we earned in the name of a presidential election. I voted quite alright, but the process was a clear picture of the Nigerian condition, full of corruption, lies and deceit.”

Also, a university student and first time voter, Abang Christian, said the process was peaceful but the results were manipulated at the polling units.

“This was the first time I will vote but the INEC people have messed up. I think INEC needs to be checked, I am not going to vote in the next election and for me, I am waiting to hear from the court and this may be last time I will vote in Nigeria,” Christian said.

Residents have expressed worry over the March 11 gubernatorial and House of Assembly elections, some are in doubt that the manipulation in that election will be massive.



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