Cashless policy: We pay Warri traders N20,000 on every N100,000 — PoS operators

Ebenezer Adurokiya | Warri


Point of Sales (PoS) operators in Warri, Delta State, now buy N100,000 with a sum of N20,000 from traders to sell to their customers.

A PoS operator in Warri on Tuesday, said that she bought N100,000 notes from a shop owner at Igbudu market for N20,000.

As a result, she said she charged N200 on N1,000 and so on,“I charge my customers N200 for N1000, N1000 for N5,000 and the business is moving fast,” Miss Precious disclosed.

Another PoS agent, Mr Odiri Augustine, told Nigerian Tribune at Akandeji Street near Giniwa in Warri, that it has not been easy getting cash for his PoS business.

He said: “There is no cash anywhere. I had to strike a deal with my neighbour downstairs to get cash from them in order to sustain my business.”

Augustine further disclosed what he charges his customers who want to cash out.

“I charge customers N300 for N1,000 and N700 for 2,000 because I bought N1,000 with N200 from traders,” he explained.

Nigerian Tribune spoke to one of the customers of PoS operators in Warri, who said she was not comfortable with  charges.

Miss Faith said she bought N1,000 with N300 charges at Agbessa community in Warri.

”I went to Agbessa community to cash out N1000 on Wednesday last week and I was charged N300. I was not really happy because the money I collected was not enough for what I wanted to use it for and I’m not ready to lose more money in trying to get less money,” she lamented.

Meanwhile, most banks across Warri and Effurun were still not in operation neither were their ATM machine seen dispensing cash to customers as of the time of filing in the report.

However, a few banks are beginning to pay old N500 and N1000 notes across the counter as directed by the Supreme Court while most traders are still foot dragging in collecting the old notes from their customers in spite of the judgment last Friday.



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