Capcom announces pricey Resident Evil-themed drinks to celebrate franchise anniversary

Capcom has announced that it’s partnered with Gameflavor to launch a limited-edition cocktail-making kit in the form of the Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box, modelled on the series’ iconic first-aid items.

Capcom launches the Resident Evil 4 remake in March for Xbox Series X|S, and you could enjoy playing it while sipping on an official cocktail or mocktail thanks to a partnership with Gameflavor. The Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box is priced at a not-so-refreshing €200, limited to less than 5,000 units, and comes packed with gear based on some of the series’ most iconic items.

Limited-edition Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box preorders are now live

Styled on the save room storage crate from the game, the Collector’s Box packs in ten 330ml first aid spray cans to make cucumber and lime-mint flavoured cocktails, four ink ribbon cans filled with various spice mixes for the drinks, cocktail recipes, and a certificate of authenticity. The bundle also includes a spray cap for the first aid cans so you can display them after use if you want to. The bundle can be preordered now from the Gameflavor website for €199, and the company is expecting to ship the items sometime in Q3 2023.

Resident Evil 4’s remake launches on March 24th for Xbox Series X|S, so we don’t have much longer to wait. If you’d like to get your zombie fix now, we think Resident Evil 2 is one of the best Xbox zombie games and a perfect example of how a remake should be done. It’s well worth checking out if you’re yet to give it a go.

What do you think of the Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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