Bauchi Assembly concludes debate, public hearing, voting on review of 1999 constitution, writes NASS

Bauchi State House of Assembly on Thursday during plenary received a report of the House Committee on the review of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Fifth Alteration) Bill, 2022 which was laid by the Chairman of the Committee Hon. Danlami Ahmed Kawule who is the Deputy Speaker and member representing /Zungur/Galambi Constituency.

The Committee explained that in order to carry all stakeholders and the general public along, it had to conduct a public hearing in each of the three Senatorial Districts of the State and gathered their opinions and concerns.

During the public hearings, the Committee collated views, ideas and opinions of the stakeholders and the general public across the State on key issues including devolution of powers, administration of government, resource control, judicial reforms and national security.

According to the Committee, the people of Bauchi State strongly believe that the content and character of the 1999 Constitution have been deterring the growth and development of Nigeria as a nation due to lack of public representation as such, they are clamouring for a fresh, people-driven constitution to drive democracy and good governance for the betterment of the Country.

In his response, the Speaker commended the Committee for doing a wonderful job and said that their work is exemplary because they were able to carry out the public hearing in all three Senatorial Districts of the State.

The Speaker thereafter explained that the Members will now vote in favour or against each item on the Alteration Bill explaining further that for any Bill to get approved, it must get two-thirds votes of all the Members of the House.

The voting was conducted as follows:
Abrogation of the State Joint Local Governments Accounts and provide for a special account into which all allocations due for local government councils from the federation account and from the government of the state shall be directly paid and other related matters, the results were: Yes 26 and

No 0

Alter the provisions of the 1999 Constitution to establish Local Government Councils as the third tier of government and guarantee their democratic existence, tenure and for related matters, the result was Yes 26 and No 0.

There were 26 Yes and 0 No for the Change of the name of Afrikpo North and Afrikpo South Local Government Areas and related matters while the Change of the name of Kunchi Local Government Area got Yes 26 and No 0.

Also, the Change of name of Egbado North and Egbado South Local Government Areas received Yes 26 and No 0 just as the Correction of the name of Atisbo Local Government Area got Yes 26 and No 0.

To Correct the name of Obit/Akpor Local Government Area, there was Yes 25 and No 1 while the vote to Provide for Financial Independence of State Houses of Assembly and State Judiciary and other related matters received Yes 26
No 0

The Assembly also voted 26 Yes and O No to Compel a person to obey or comply with legislative sermon and other related matters.



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