Aisha-Ochuwa Tella clinches leadership award

Aisha-Ochuwa Tella, a popular celebrity jeweller, has clinched a distinguished leadership award from Nigerian youths for her contribution to the development of youth and the country as a whole. Also, she has been a prominent figure in the professional environment. She has made it her duty to assist as many individuals as possible, especially, those who want to trek the same path to success by relaying several aids that act as a strategic plan for attainment in the business domain.

However, several honours and recognitions were given to Aisha Ochuwa, including coaching awards for motivating youths. She received honours and decorations for her role as Matron of the National Association of Northern Students, which she holds. The novelist Aisha-Ochuwa Tella has wowed the world with her drive for achievement, excellent work ethic, and enterprising expertise.

She has, nevertheless, received a commendation for her efforts. After obtaining honours from the organisation’s units in Lagos and the North, Aisha Ochuwa was honoured as an emblem of societal advancement by the National Association of Northern Students, which bestowed her with the Sir Ahmadu Bello Sardauna Platinum Distinguish Leadership Award.

This, however, was in honour of her enormous contributions to humanism, academic advancement, youth empowerment, and inclusive growth.

On the other hand, she was recognised as a prototype for youthful motivation by the National Association of Nigerian Student Joint Campus Committee in Lagos. This was in honour of her remarkable accomplishments, organisational qualities, striking skill, selflessness to the less affluent, and involvement in youth and student improvement programmes both inside and outside Lagos State.




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