Afenifere shuns Sanwo-Olu, backs LP’s Gbadebo

The Pan-Yoruba Socio-cultural Group, Afenifere and the Committee of Indigenes of Lagos State on Wednesday declared support for the Labour Party (LP) Governorship Candidate in Lagos State, Mr Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour.

The groups officially declared support for Rhodes-Vivour at a news conference in Ikeja.

Speaking on behalf of the groups, Chief Supo Shonibare, the Afenifere Leader in Lagos, expressed the groups’ gratitude to the people of Lagos for the victory accorded the presidential candidate of the party, Mr Peter Obi, on February 25 poll.

According to him, LP’s feat was made possible by the determination of young voters, even in low-density areas of Lagos.

“It is believed that with INEC’s assurance of a better performance in the governorship poll on Saturday, March 11, 2023, the procedure for voting and uploading results through the BVAs will be seamless and in real-time.

“Afenifere hereby enjoins all men and women of goodwill to turn out en masse on Saturday to vote for Architect Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour – a scion of the illustrious Rhodes-Vivour family of Lagos, whose family ancestry and pivotal contribution to the affairs of Lagos dates back to five generations.

“Gbadebo is sure to make a huge difference,” Shonibare said.

According to him, the LP candidate will restore the cherished values of Lagos encapsulated in the Omoluabi ethic of fellow feeling, dignity and nobility of spirit.

He added that all candidates of the Labour Party for the Lagos State House of Assembly constituencies were noted to be natural workmates of the Gbadebo governorship, saying “They too deserve our attention and votes.”

Shonibare said: “The teamwork that is afforded by this synergy will ensure a result-oriented administration and put an end to the many years of desultory governance in Lagos.

“Afenifere is exceedingly joyful and happy regarding the mammoth turnout of the electorate all over Lagos State respecting the presidential poll held on February 25.

“In spite of the age-long lukewarmness or apathy regarding previous national elections, the reawakening observed on February 25 is heartwarming and a vindication of the principled position of Afenifere regarding the requirement for equity, inclusiveness, fairness and justice.”

He urged voters to monitor and insist on compliance with the rules guiding polling at each of the polling units on Saturday.

Shonibare urged the security agencies to live up to their responsibility of securing all parts of Lagos State and address the threat to life and the suppression of voters.

“We enjoin the local and international observers and voters themselves to keep an eagle-eye watch on the conduct of our security agencies.

“They should capture where possible, infractions wherever they may occur so we may be in a position to hold the security agencies accountable,” he added.



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