5 ways to improve your sex life as a woman

 Eunice Olaleye

Having sexual desires is not limited to men, women also have desires, desires to be better and have maximum enjoyment in the other room. The following are things to note if you are a woman who looks forward to seeing an improvement in her sex life.

1. Self-confidence
You may think it is unrelated and that your sexual life has nothing to do with your self-confidence. The way you feel about your body has a direct impact on how you feel in the other room.

2. Prioritise rest
Take naps when you can, eat a balanced diet, and exercise to increase your energy and sex drive. And most importantly, get enough sleep.

3. Communication
To naturally improve your sex life as a woman, you and your partners should communicate clearly to avoid misunderstandings.

4. Have a schedule
Prioritising intimacy can aid in reviving your sexual life and giving it the spice you desire. You know what they say about being intentional about what you and your partner share. Yes, you can be that intentional about your sexual engagements.

5. Try new things
Try out things that you have not explored with your partner. You both could also encourage sex therapy. Having a therapist helps you both to gain clarity more than ever before.

In conclusion, some foods and herbs can help you as a woman to improve your sex life – apples, bananas, potatoes, fenugreek, red wine, honey, chocolate, coffee, strawberries, and a lot of green vegetables are the go-to fruits too, keep you spiced up.



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