34-year-old motorcyclist rapes passenger in Delta

According to Delta State authorities in southern Nigeria, a motorcyclist in the state allegedly sexually assaulted his female passenger inside a bush after forcing her off her intended path.

The victim is 24 years old, and the suspected rapist is Abdullahi Musa, 34.

The video was posted on Twitter by Mr Edafe on Wednesday, 24th May, 2023.

The defendant had anal intercourse with the victim, according to Bright Edafe, the state’s police spokesperson, who revealed this in a statement he put on Twitter on Wednesday, 22nd May, 2023.

On February 28 in Asaba, the event took place. In order to get to her destination, the victim boarded Mr. Musa’s bike after arriving in Asaba late at night from Benin, Edo State.

He posted a photo of Mr Musa and a video clip in which the suspect is heard confessing to the crime.

“I had sex with her through the anus,” Mr Musa said in Pidgin English in the clip.

Mr Musa went for the victim’s anus when he discovered that she was having her menstrual flow.

“He found out that I was on my period. He gave me a cotton wool to put in my body. He said, after all, a woman has two holes. If he cannot have sex with me because I was on my period, he was going to do it through my anus,” the victim said in a video in which her identity is shielded.

She said she kept quiet throughout her ordeal because her alleged assailant had threatened her.

Before instructing the victim to put on her dress, the defendant, Mr. Musa, claimed to have filmed her on his phone. Additionally, he admitted to taking the victim’s perfume from her luggage.




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